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Ahlan! Welcome to YallaBid 👋

We make it easy for buyers to find great products and sellers to find willing buyers online and at great prices. Whether you're a niche soap maker, or looking to buy a rare coin that you know a that special someone would treasure, yallabid allows buyers and sellers of all sorts to meet and trade online.

Buying on YallaBid
You can buy just about anything on yallabid: the latest high-tech devices, brand-new consumer products, second-hand items, and difficult to find collectibles, at prices that are as a rule lower than elsewhere.

Buying on YallaBid is easy and transparent. The price you see is what you pay including any shipment options the seller has decided on. Once you buy or win an item, you can be rest assured that your funds are safe with YallaBid until the seller has sent your item.

Selling On YallaBid

We make it effortless for you to sell you product, whether its on auction or at a fixed price. Listing your item on YallaBid is absolutely free and we take a very small percentage once your item is sold. As a seller, you're only charged a seller final fee once the buyer has paid for the item. For minimal fees, YallaBid also provides you with the ability to enhance your listing by showing it more prominently to users and increasing your chances of making a sale for your item.

As a seller, you're also free to deliver your item the best way you see fit. As a seller, you're allowed to choose the best shipment methods feasible for you that are made available to a buyer.(even if that is flying it in a drone to you next door neighbour!)



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