General Information:

1. What sets Yallabid apart from regular auctions?

Yallabid transcend the concept of ordinary auctions. We offer live auction, flash auctions, in addition to the conventional auction services offered by existing market players. We are a marketplace dealing in pre-owned high end and / or luxury brands, collectables. The vision of Yallabid is to provide one stop, end-to-end services for its esteemed customers.

2. What is Yallabid events

Yallabid events are distinguished, invite only, social gatherings. These events offer more than just auctions – they provide a platform for networking, entertainment, and a chance to establish a prominent presence within notable individuals. With each event being unique, the participation of top luxury car dealerships and collectors further enriches the experience.

3. Where are the Yallabid auction site and offices located?

Our auction house and offices are located at the following address: 

Sara Building Showroom no.2, Al Quoz 3 Near - Al Quoz 3 - Dubai.

4. Are there branches of Yallabid outside the United Arab Emirates?

Currently, we exclusively operate in Dubai, UAE. However, we have plans for expansion in other prominent places in GCC

5. What currency is used in the Yallabid?

UAE Dirhams is currently the settlement currency.

6. Is there a minimum age to participate in the auction?

The minimum age to participate in our auctions is 18 years and above.

7. How will I know the auction end date?

Each vehicle's auction end date and time are next to the car details. Look for the "End Time" and "Time Remaining" information.


Auction Process:

1. How is the auction organized?

Most of our auctions are online and accessible through our website or mobile app (available on apple store and google play store). The onsite live auction can also be attended by visiting, in person, on our auction hall on the announced auction date and time.

2. What happens if I win the bid but fail to pay?

Failure to fulfill the payment violates the agreed-upon Terms and Conditions upon registration. In such cases, your bidding deposit will be held, or forfeited and you can participate in bids once the outstanding amount is settled. Additionally, we retain the right to pursue legal action if necessary.

3. Where can I find my purchase invoice?

You can locate your purchase invoice by logging into your account and navigating to "profile"


Bidding deposit:

1. What is a bidding deposit?

A bidding deposit is a prerequisite for participating in the auction. By paying the deposit money, paid through credit / debit card or bank transfer, the bidder can participate. A higher depositing allows the user to bid on multiple product simultaneously. This deposit is refundable and can be refunded at any time unless there are outstanding dues to be cleared.

2. How much is the bidding deposit?

A minimum deposit of AED 3,000 is required to participate in the bidding process. However, a bidder can go upto 7 to 10 times of his deposit value.

3. Can I pay the bidding deposit by credit card?

Yes, you can pay the bidding deposit using your credit card or debit card. Yallabid reserves the right to capture/utilize/charge the authorized transaction of the bidding deposit for various purposes, including auction participation and defaulted payment after winning assets. Please refer to the detailed terms and conditions.

4. How do I pay or increase the bidding deposit?

You can make the bidding deposit using any of the following methods:

- Credit card or debit card through our mobile application or website.

- Bank transfer or deposit to our account.

5. How can I pay the bidding deposit if I'm currently outside the UAE?

You can pay the bidding deposit by any of the following methods:

- Credit card or debit card through our mobile application or website.

- Bank transfer to our bank account.

For our account details, please visit: [Link to Account Details]

6. How can I pay my bidding deposit via bank transfer or deposit?

To pay your bidding deposit via bank deposit or bank transfer, please find our account details here: [Account Details]

Ensure you send a copy of the proof of payment from your Email to cs@yallabid.com

It takes three days for the transfer to reflect, and may be subject to bank fees and charges. Please note that Yallabid is not responsible for any intermediate charges in bank transfers.

7. Can I pay the bidding deposit through a cheque given in person?

You can conveniently submit the bidding deposit at our head office. Please refer to our mobile application or website's "Contact Us" section to find our location.

Please ensure you meet the following requirements while submitting the account payee cheque / manager's cheque as the bidding deposit:

For Individual account: copy of Emirates ID alon with the cheque

For company account: copy of Trade license along with the authority letter

8. Is the bidding deposit refundable?

Certainly, the bidding deposit is fully refundable as long as you have no outstanding balance with Yallabid. If you've made the bidding deposit using a non-AED Debit/Credit Card/Bank Transfer (local or international), the refunded amount will be in AED, and any exchange loss/charges incurred during the refund process will not be the responsibility of Yallabid.

9. How do I refund my credit card bidding deposit?

Refunding your credit card bidding deposit is a straightforward process.

You can follow the step-by-step instructions in this video guide: [Link to Instruction Video]

10. Can I get my deposit back in cash?

No, cash refunds are not provided. Refunds are issued through cheque or bank transfer under the registered name.

11. What should I do after paying the Bidding deposit to be able to start bidding?

You can immediately start participating the bidding process, once the funds are cleared and credited in your profile section. Usually, incase of cards, its instantaneous, while the bank transfers may take upto 3 to 5 working days.

12. Can I use my bidding deposit as payment if I buy a car?

Yes, you can use your bidding deposit as part of the payment.

13. Is there a service to finance the vehicles?

Yes, we will provide assistance to all such customers interested in financing any winning.


Before the Auction:

1. How do I participate in the auction?

Participating in the auction is straightforward. Register an account, place the required bidding deposit, and you're ready to start bidding.

2. Is there a fee to participate in the auction?

No, participation in the auction is entirely free of charge. However, to bid, a bidding deposit is required.

3. What is a Watchlist?

A Watchlist lets you track items you're interested in and want to monitor closely.

4. Can I bid on more than one vehicle?

Yes, you can bid on multiple vehicles based on your bidding limit.

5. Can I increase my bidding limit?

Certainly, you can increase in your bidding limit by increasing your bidding deposit.

6. How can I inspect the cars?

You can inspect the cars by visiting our auction house. If available, you can also refer to the inspection report provided by the car provider.

7. Are all the cars in the auction free of accidents and problems?

Yallabid does not guarantee the accuracy or timeliness of vehicle descriptions/pictures on the website. Using the website, you acknowledge that you have inspected the vehicles and know their details and condition. Any information the seller or Yallabid provides is for your convenience only. You are responsible for confirming, researching, inspecting, and investigating the vehicle before bidding.

8. How can I know the car's condition?

You can inspect the car in person if it's available for inspection. Additionally, you can check the inspection report provided by the car supplier.


Bidding Process:

1. Can I bid and pay the vehicle's total value without personally coming to the UAE?

Certainly, you can bid and pay remotely by using a bank transfer. Simply transfer the payment to our bank account and send the transfer receipt to cs@yallabid.com.

This video guide [Link to Guide] offers detailed instructions. Please note it takes three to five days for the transfer to reflect, and an additional fee for the receiving bank applies.

Bank details: Emirates Islamic Bank, Account Number 3707200100101, IBAN AE860340003707200100101, Mizhar branch.

2. Can I cancel all bids?

No, all bids are final and cannot be canceled unless outbid by some other bidder.


After Winning a Bid:

1. How can I know the cars I have won?

The successful bidder will receive a congratulation message. In-addition, the bidder can also track the status of bids placed with Yallabid.

2. If I have won the auction for a car, how much time do I have to make the total payment?

The successful bidder are expected to complete their payments within 2 working days.

3. How can I pay for the car I have won?

To make the payments, you can use a bank deposit or bank transfer. Ensure you send a copy of the proof of payment from your registered Email to cs@yallabid.com or upload it to your account as per this guide: [Link to Guide].

4. What are the Car Payment Account Details?

Account details: Emirates Auction LLC, Emirates Islamic Bank, IBAN AE860340003707200100101, Account Number 3707200100101, Swift Code MEBLAEAD, Routing Number 403420113.

It takes three to five days for the transfer to reflect, and may be subject to bank charges and fees. Please note that Yallabid is not responsible for any intermediate charges in bank transfers.

5. Can I register the car under any name?

Yallabid does not handle the car registration service. Instead, we provide the necessary documents that can assist the registration process.

6. Can I authorize someone to receive my car on my behalf?

Yes, you can authorize someone to receive the car on your behalf. However, they must possess an original and attested Power of Attorney allowing them to do so.

Logistics and Services:

1. Does Yallabid provide an export service?

Yallabid can assist in preparing the Export certificate and can refer the logistic partners. However, it the exporter responsibility to conclude and settle all related dues and cost including other terms of services.


Account Setup and Access:

1. Is it free to create an account with Yallabid?

Yes, opening an account is entirely free.

2. I've forgotten my username or password. What's the solution?

 Click on "Forgot Password" to receive an email or SMS containing instructions to reset your password.

3. I'm unable to log in. How can I resolve this?

If you encounter login issues, send your complaint to cs@yallabid.com.

4. Am I allowed to have multiple accounts?

No, creating multiple accounts is not permitted. Yallabid will delete any duplicate accounts and reserves the right to delete the original account if fraudulent activity is suspected.

5. Can I delete my registered account?

Indeed, you can request the deletion of your account. Just send your request from your registered email address to cs@yallabid.com.

7. How can I update my account information and profile?

Access "My Profile" to make changes to your personal information.


Auction Participation:

1.      Who can take part in the auction?

The minimum age to participate in our auctions is 18 years and above. Participation is open to everyone for any announced auction. However, you must deposit a certain amount based on the asset's indicated value to join.

2. Are there nationality restrictions for auction participation?

All nationalities are welcome to register and bid.