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YallaBid allows you to buy and sell products on auctions and at fixed prices. If you've registered, congratulations! it means you're already a buyer and seller!

Buying Products:

It's Easy! Head over to YallaBid, click on a listing and either bid on or buy the item on sale. When you win or buy an item, the seller is notified and the item is added to your invoice for you to pay.

You pay securely using credit card and your funds are safe with us and only transferred to the seller after you confirm you have received the item. To ensure transparency to the seller, you'll have between 7-10 days to confirm receipt of your item before the funds are transferred to the seller.

Once an invoice is paid, buyer and seller details are made available to each other and both parties can be contacted to ensure delivery is organized efficiently. If you have an issue with your item, you will be able to contact the seller directly.

Selling Products:

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Listing your item on YallaBid is free! You can optionally enhance your listings for a small fee.

We're glad to announce that all listing enhancements are free until further notice!

Once your item is sold, the buyer will pay YallaBid. The funds paid to us can be viewed in your YallaWallet and will only be made available to you once the buyer confirms they have received the item. You can easily request a payout of funds from YallaBid by completing a Payout Request from your YallaWallet page once there funds available.


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